Manuficient Partnership Network

In order to support our clients' efforts to develop ever increasing operational efficiency, Manuficient partners with companies that can readily provide the people, technology, and process development services needed to reach new plateaus in performance. Partnering with Manuficient gives you access to a network of other service providers to foster teaming arrangements and provide collaborative and cross-functional expertise to clients. These partnerships bring all participants one degree away from their next sell and can create additional revenue streams by providing high quality leads for other members in the network.

Who we work with:

  • Processes - Manuficient partners with other high performing consulting firms to help clients optimize the performance of their business processes. This give Manuficient greater agility to serve clients across industries and across multiple disciplines within an industry. This also allows us access to highly specialized skills and tools without carrying the overhead costs of a massive consulting firm.
  • Technology - Our clients gain instant access to our network of technology providers including both original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and information technology (IT) firms. This expands our capability to solve problems of advanced technological complexity without inflating the cost of solutions.
  • People - Through partnerships with Staffing and Recruiting agencies, we are able to quickly fill gaps in our clients' talent pipelines. This includes roles across the spectrum from leadership to hourly labor.

  • For our partners, Manuficient offers both Pre-Sale solutions to help their prospective customers/clients understand the value in their offerings and Post-Sale solutions to optimize the performance of their newly acquired product or service.

    Note: Manuficient maintains a policy to fully disclose all partnership arrangements with clients, especially if a recommendation is provided to use the products/services of a partner. Also, if a recommended product / services provider is requested, Manuficient will provide at least 2 sources in addition to our partners to maintain objectivity.

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