Trends in Manufacturing

How to Leverage Opinion Leaders to Implement Change in Manufacturing

In every organization, there are people who have formal and informal authority. The folks with formal authority are fairly easy to spot. They usually have the biggest office, fanciest clothes, and sit at the head of the table. Spotting the ones with informal authority can be a little trickier. Sometimes they are more vocal and aggressive. Other times they are silently controlling the tides from behind the scenes in your organization. Either way, it's one of your key responsibilities as a change agent to identify these people and leverage their influence to drive change.

Manufacturing Execution Strategy: Technique vs Speed

In manufacturing, there is an optimal point where you have achieved the ideal balance between technique and speed for a process. The trick is knowing when you have struck that balance; and the answer may not be what you think.

Value-based Compensation for Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

This is a great post. You're gonna love this. It will challenge the very paradigm of how we run our factories from a standpoint of performance management and improvement. The concepts presented here are, by design, controversial, breakthrough, and disruptive.